Do you believe in GOD? I’m sure your answer is yes but do you know that there are many things we do that proves that we do not believe in GOD.

In the bible we are made to understand that there is nothing impossible for GOD . If we believe in GOD then we must also believe in HIS word , but y is it that we worry . Why do we fear .

HIS words say in jeremiah 29 verse 11″for I know the thoughts I have for you , those of good and not of evil that you may have an expected end”. If we believe this then all our thoughts on life would be different and so will our actions.

Even when we fall sick , the first thing that should come to our mind is to pray ,if we believe GOD heals but most times it isn’t . Most times we don’t even remember to pray all we think about is the hospital and what the doctor has to say.

So I hope from today we all will actually believe in GOD .

Thank you for reading this