It’s my last week at work and I’ve been thinking and asking myself over and over again “what can I take?”.

I looked at the flowers and thought of plucking a few, the free sanitizers and hand lotions also caught my eye.

I looked at our products and each one was just so beautiful but I told myself that I’ll pick just one thing .

Then I heard this voice or just got this feeling in me ; saying ” instead of thinking of what you can take , why don’t you think about what you have given”.

Many a times we only think of what we can gain from a situation, person or people, meanwhile the real question should be “how can I help?”, “what can I contribute?” or in my case I should be asking myself ” what have I acheived here?” , ” will my presence be missed?” , “what good thing will I be remembered by?”, “did I contribute at all?” .

I often make this mistake of asking the wrong questions and I want to stop, do you?