At times we find ourselves in situations that it’s so hard to tell if what we want to do is right or wrong . At times like this it seems that the line between right and wrong is soo thin that we can cross it without knowing and land in the wrong side. Here are six questions that you could ask yourself before doing anything, when you find yourself in a similar situation.

  1. WILL I BE HAPPY IF I DO THIS: The type of happiness I mean is that will you have inner peace of you do what you want to do. You need to ask yourself that will doing this create guilt in your heart or an inner happiness , if you will then go ahead but if you won’t then I advice you to not do it.
  2. WILL I BE ASHAMED IF PEOPLE HEARD: There is no way that you will be ashamed if people heard that you did a good thing . So if you’ll be ashamed it’s a sure sign that what you want to do is wrong.
  4. WILL IT SET A GOOD EXAMPLE FOR OTHERS TO FOLLOW: You have to ask yourself that if you saw someone doing what you want to do will you be happy that you were the one who led the example . Before you do anything, you have to ask yourself if it’ll be a good example to those who are looking up to you. I know you might say no one looks up to you but you have no idea that someone out there is secretly getting advice from your character.
  5. IF PEOPLE WERE LOOKING AT ME WOULD I STILL DO IT: If you were stealing , of course you wouldn’t want anyone to see you doing it , but if you were reading a book you wouldn’t care who saw you. If you know that people seeing you do it will be a problem then don’t do it.
  6. WILL GOD BE PLEASED WITH ME: Last but not the least. You have to ask the most important question which is”as I’m doing this or if I do this will GOD be pleased with me or will HE be disappointed. You could also ask yourself if it is in line with the gospel.

thank you for reading this I hope it spoke to you . If you have any question to add or any thing to add or say please comment.